Sunday, June 3, 2018

Struggling With Trump

It's not much of a secret of my disdain for Trump. I strongly feel that he has taken our country deep into the mud, degrading all part of moral character, constantly belittling races, religions, countries and people who oppose him relentlessly, bullying many as a kid on the playground, calling them names. So yes, you could say I don't like him. His egotism, lies and false truths, no matter what good he has done, has negated that with his degrading of the office he holds.

That all said, I'll probably never respect the man.

But I'm constantly reminded of the need of praying for him. He is just a man and with the office he holds, needs our prayers more than ever. I know I'm not one who wants or has the right to cast the first stone. I look at my own life and see so many flaws, I have no right to judge anyone. I struggle with my own moral character without condemning others.

With the authority he holds, I need to pray even harder that he finds the light and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he will find a better way to rule our country, or maybe that he finds the love to rule his own heart.

And as I learn to pray for him, I need to learn to pray more for myself as well, that I don't let my resentments cloud my own heart to not judge and criticize.

I also need to let go of the resentment I have for so many friends and family members. I resent the fact that so many criticized President Obama relentlessly without any prayers or apologies and now get so upset when I say anything derogatory about Trump. They seen to forget what they said and did, but tell me I have no right to criticize Trump.

I know, I have a lot of resentments to work out.

So is there much hope for both him and me, I hope so. If I can learn to clear my heart of the disdain, the resentments, the anger, the frustration and really learn to pray for him, and me, their may be hope.

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