Sunday, June 3, 2018

Struggling With Trump

It's not much of a secret of my disdain for Trump. I strongly feel that he has taken our country deep into the mud, degrading all part of moral character, constantly belittling races, religions, countries and people who oppose him relentlessly, bullying many as a kid on the playground, calling them names. So yes, you could say I don't like him. His egotism, lies and false truths, no matter what good he has done, has negated that with his degrading of the office he holds.

That all said, I'll probably never respect the man.

But I'm constantly reminded of the need of praying for him. He is just a man and with the office he holds, needs our prayers more than ever. I know I'm not one who wants or has the right to cast the first stone. I look at my own life and see so many flaws, I have no right to judge anyone. I struggle with my own moral character without condemning others.

With the authority he holds, I need to pray even harder that he finds the light and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he will find a better way to rule our country, or maybe that he finds the love to rule his own heart.

And as I learn to pray for him, I need to learn to pray more for myself as well, that I don't let my resentments cloud my own heart to not judge and criticize.

I also need to let go of the resentment I have for so many friends and family members. I resent the fact that so many criticized President Obama relentlessly without any prayers or apologies and now get so upset when I say anything derogatory about Trump. They seen to forget what they said and did, but tell me I have no right to criticize Trump.

I know, I have a lot of resentments to work out.

So is there much hope for both him and me, I hope so. If I can learn to clear my heart of the disdain, the resentments, the anger, the frustration and really learn to pray for him, and me, their may be hope.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Lately in the Life

The last few months have been a bit of a blur. The days and weeks have been passing by faster than I've been ready for. It seems that I've lost my passions for Life.....again..... Complacency has certainly slipped in and maybe a little bit of laziness as well. I've forgotten that my Life is special and each day needs to be special as well.

We all slip into the moments where we lose track of our purpose, our goals and our dreams. Some seem to take only a little time to get back to normal. Others get caught up in the rut and spend way too much time existing, not living. Guess I've been there lately.

I've had to take another look at my passions and make strides in lighting the fire that moves me. Not an easy task, not easy at all. Sitting down and writing today is my attempt to get back on track and hopefully I'll be able to stay on course. Returning to my joy of writing will offer the motivation that I so badly need.
Sometimes it takes baby steps to bring back the Life you desire. Sometimes it takes giant leaps to get back to where we need to be.

If you find yourself in one of these moments that seem to last a while, maybe it's time to take a look at where your passions lie and by starting off with baby steps can you begin to find what your Life is lacking

This may not be where you're at right now. Your passions may be at a special place in your everyday happenings. But if you get to this place again, take stock in what you want and where you've been and start the steps needed to get back on course to making your life the best in can be, making each day as special as you can.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back For a While

It's been a while since I've written a post here. It's been an interesting few years, keeping me pretty busy and turning my interest to a variety of projects. The formation of a publishing company, the publishing of a songbook, "Songs of the Heart" and the book "Whispers of Life" as well as a lot of changes to my personal life have kept me occupied.

I've tried spending a lot of time trying to encourage others as well as myself to make the world a better place. There is too much turmoil in the world and we each should try to Make the World a Better Place and Be Who We Wish the World Would Be.

The next few blogs will be similar to my book, sharing life experiences that hopefully we can all identify with and learn from. I hope my return to this blog can be a time of uplifting and encouraging as well as interesting to those who keep up with it.

And the Journey Continues.....

Friday, April 29, 2016

Gone For A While

Haven't had much time here for a while. I'm working on my new book "Whispers of Life". Hopefully this will be finished in the next few months and then I'll return to blogging more here.


Monday, November 23, 2015

The Music of Christmas

Every year the feeling of dread comes as I realize the holiday season is upon us once again. It was only yesterday that I took down the tree and all the decorations and here it is, time to put them back up. Seems like it will be but a minute, then time to take them down again.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were always special as a kid, but time was moving at a much slower pace back then. Up until a few years ago, the time to be Thankful and the Spirit of Christmas always had a warm place in my heart. It was a bit of a surprise in my Mom's later years, to go home and find no tree, no decorations, no sign of Christmas around her house. Even with my Dad's pleas for something, she had lost the desire. So as I too began to struggle for some of the spirit lost, I had to find my own way of rekindling the Spirit of the Season.

Every year I've complained that Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and others started their run of Christmas movies right after Halloween. Reluctantly, I began my own quest to regain my warm fuzzy feeling of the holidays by watching these movies the week before Thanksgiving. Seems that if I didn't, Thanksgiving and Christmas would come and go before I even thought of decorating the house.

Renewing my tradition this week, I wondered what it was about these movies that helped bring about my Christmas Spirit. All of the movies in one aspect or another, had the same theme, something bad will be eventually be turned into something good. I caught myself leaving before the end of the movie for that reason. So what was it about these movies that warmed my heart. It finally hit me that it was the music. Even though Christmas music sounded way out of place the week after Halloween, that's what was drawing me in.

Music has been a large part of who I am for most of my life and Christmas music has been an even larger part during the holiday season. After college, I wrote several Christmas Cantatas for my church, back home in Texas. The process usually started in the middle of the summer and ended about two weeks before the choir presented it. The music became a much stronger symbol of Christmas to me as I spent so much time pouring my heart into it.

So why did it take so long for me to realize that it was the music.

The past few years, I would rather have the sound of the TV in the background than music. I had the feeling I would miss something on the TV if I didn't have it on. I guess it was because of the times we live in. But actually I was missing out by not having the music playing to soothe my soul. And because of that lack of music, the music that stirred me, brought me back to where my spirit needed to be at Christmas. It doesn't take watching a half a dozen Christmas movies in a row to work on my spirit. It takes getting back to my roots with my Christmas music, not only listening to more, but maybe creating more as well.

They say Christmas is where your heart is. It's time I start sharing more of my Heart through the Music that I Love

and the Journey Continues......

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Simple Man

To be a simple man
One that is humble and patient, kind and generous
A man who sees the world with simple eyes
And a loving heart

A simple man sees the good in others
But reflects all that is negative back to the source
Not letting those who latch on to him, pull him down with anger
Respecting himself first, remaining calm and composed

He shows the world how it should be
Without bias and anger, showing only love and respect
When heated debates arise, he steps back
Knowing no one wins

He shares his views with patience and kindness
And only when there's a reason to show a positive point of view
He waits for that right moment to arise
Never adding to the drama of others

To be a simple man
Not showing his weakness but showing his strength
A man that knows when to say no
But is giving to those in need

A man that will be known by his character
By his grace and kind deeds
A simple man with a purpose
To reach the world through peace

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Will I See

What will I see when I wake up today
Will I see through the same eyes as yesterday
Will I see a world in turmoil
Will I feel the defeat

When I wake up today
Will I see my life defeated and worn down
Will I see the mistakes and choices
Will they bring me down once more

What will I see when I wake up today
Will I change my vision
Will I see in color or black and white
Will my sight be blurred or focused

When I wake up today
Will it be a new day
Will I feel refreshed
Will I see the sun shining through

What will I see when I wake up today
Will I choose to stare or really see
Will the scares in my eyes be gone
Will my heart rejoice with the life I live

When I wake up today
Will it be a new day
Will it be filled with joy and excitement
Will the choice be mine

What will I see when I wake up today
Will I see skies of blue
Will my heart be free
Will my life be new