Saturday, September 17, 2011

Messages Of Encouragement

I'm lucky to have some friends that are always sending me messages of encouragement.  Here are a couple that really hit home when I needed them.....

Strength is built through action. It is also built with restraint.
Strength is confident. And it is, at the same time, humble.
Strength is ambitious, and patient too. Strength is focused, and it is honest.
Strength is persistent, continuing forward through the difficult challenges.
Strength is flexible, adjusting to a changing environment without compromising its original intent.
Strength has no need to be showy or boastful. For true strength is quiet, calm, and intensely effective.
Strength is balance, and love and truth. Strength is when you choose to live as the authentic person you are.

And a couple from me.......

Respect and Honor mean more than all the Silver and Gold in the world. To get Respect is to give Respect. 

As long as you can close your eyes at the end of the day with peace of mind you know........
It Was A Good Day

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Resolutions

It's interesting how we always make New Years Resolutions that seem to last for a few weeks, if that long, then we're back to the same routine, attitude, habits and way of life that we had before the Big Ball Dropped.  Once in a while we revisit some of those changes we wanted to make but find they only last a few days as well.


Something about my last Birthday brought about a resurgence of those feelings again.  Hopefully these desires will last more than a few days....but...we will see.

August 31, started off with a little more hair growing on my face, not sure how long that will last but we will see.  Look for more pictures in the future.
My list continues with exercise and yep for me that means getting back to at least 3 times a week.  Hey I've been there's just been a while.
Next, a couple of letters to express some long and deep thoughts to some that wouldn't listen before but just maybe....maybe they'll take the time to listen this time.
My Music has been neglected too long so it's back to finishing my songbook, continuing to work on my Christmas Musical, getting the voice back in shape and finding that joy of music that has been collecting dust in the corner way too long.
Last but not least, it's time to get back out in the world, to find the uniqueness of a heart, the joy of a creek bank, the beauty of art, the diversity of humanity, the closeness of a few good friends, a deeper relationship with God and just a Breath of Fresh Air........

Hopefully this will be a Journey Into Joy......

And the Journey Continues.........