Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Music Of My Soul

I sit at the keys, placing my hands gently
Pressing down, the chords rings out
The harmony and dissonance, all taking their place
Tempered to perfection, revealing the music of my soul

A journey with a beginning, an ending uncertain
A memory from my past, a place where I've been
It slips through my fingers and flows across the keys
Like waves on the ocean or a gentle breeze

As my heart strings are unlocked by the sounds, the memories
Every breath taken, every moment realized
The Opus of my life, the Sonata of my most private thoughts
Becomes a new creation, becomes a witness, a testimony of life

So I sit reminiscing, letting it flow through the keys
The emotions from my past, my present, my future
All  find their way entwined into moments of sound
Tempered to perfection, revealing the music of my soul

Friday, May 17, 2013


We were the generation that would change the world
Fresh out of High School, on to College
The future was ours to claim, it was our destiny to Be......really Be......

We would be the ones to solve the worlds problems, to make our world a better place
We would rise up to our dreams with all the gusto we could muster
We were the generation of hope and peace and love

But time has a way of flying by too quickly and complacency becomes our norm
Our dreams become distant memories
We become comfortable, loosing the drive, the passion

Some from our generation have passed too quickly,
Reminding us how short life can be
Reminding us that there is only one chance to make it right

Some can say that life was good
God blessed them with a life worth living
Helping them to find their purpose, their place in the world

But when we look in the mirror and see a reflection of who we've become
We wonder what happened to our youth
We wonder if there is more to accomplish, more we can do

We see a new generation of youth and energy and joy
Their future stretching out before them with limitless possibilities
Knowing they, have the ability to change the world

We pray for their safety and give them guidance when we can
We hope their dreams become a reality
That their days ahead are void of complacency

But wait........
We were the generation that could change the world
We were the ones with hopes and dreams and possibilities

Can we still rise above the norm
Can we shine a light on a confused and angry world
Do we still have the chance to Be....really Be....

The time has come to let go of the dark side, the gossip, the backbiting, the complaining
The jumping on the band wagon of every voice that spews anger
We can be a positive force and make things right

We can still be the dreamers of dreams
The good in the world, the voice of reason
The voice of hope

We are a generation to be reckoned with
It's time we took a deeper look and see what we've become
and discover the contributions we can still make

With every word, we have the chance to change the world
It's our choice to become, to rise up and be a generation that stands tall and proud
A generation that takes life to a higher standard, to a higher purpose

We can be
But we must be the one
We must make the change

We must "Be Who We Wish The World Would Be"

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Quiet

Sitting in the solitude
The noise finally cut off
The trials of the week subdued
The pain in the heart eased
The moment we've longed for
Alone in the quiet

Times like these are rare
In a world of so much chaos
A chance to sit quietly
To reflect, to pray, to relax
To take the time we need
To enjoy the quiet

We rush so much with activities
So much to do, so little time
Life seems to shout at us
Louder and louder
So we turn off the noise
We find rest in the quiet

God whispers to us
At these special moments
Too often we tune Him out
Too often we don't make time
He has so much to say
When we allow Him in the quiet

So we pray, we talk, we share
We let Him comfort us
Instead of calling out to Him
Only in times of our need
We just sit and listen
In the peacefulness of the quiet

"Why worry when we can pray
Trust Jesus, He'll be our stay"
A hymn of old and truth
He wraps His arms around us
Giving hope, and strength, and love
When we share our time with Him, in the quiet

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Colors Of Life

Kaleidoscopic colors
Changing shapes and form
Swirling around us
Searching for the norm
The colors of life, ever changing

We reach for what we know
Grasping, as if through ashes
Tired of all the conflict
Worn down from the woes
Longing for what we once had

Life doesn't stand still
It doesn't wait on us
We must keep up
Or fall and wither away
The colors of life, ever changing

Sometimes we question why
Sometimes we forge ahead
We only have today
This moment of reality
What we do, where we go

We splash colors on a canvas
Full of shadows and light
Our past fills in the lines
Our hopes define the finishing touch
The colors of life, ever changing

The picture will portray this moment
Hopefully it will have places of light
Our challenges, our dreams
All casting their shadows
Colors of purpose being revealed

At this moment with brush in hand
The colors are mixed and ready
The first stroke a beginning
And with each touch we find our image
The colors of life, ever changing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Sadness

The sadness still lingers
Hurting so deep, like a knife cutting into my flesh
The pain engulfs me
The clouds of depression consume

The turmoil rages
A fight for hope or despair, faith or defeat
The battle for life or death
Of prayer and resolve

It's a test of my faith
Letting go and letting God, finding victory in Him
Knowing my fear comes from the world
And my joy comes from above

The answer is there
But the battle continues, eating at my soul
Deflating, draining, persisting
Such a struggle to trust

So I lift my eyes to God
I give Him the burden, the pain inside
For He is my stronghold
He is my peace

I acknowledge my weakness
I confess my fear, the struggle
I lift my eyes to the Almighty
For there lies the rest for my soul