Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Dad

Tuesday September 23, 1914, will be 5 years since my Dad passed. Looking back on his life and the man he was, I find a lot of similarities I haven't realized completely.

My Dad was a gentle man but when he needed to be stern, he was. Through the years he was always the rock of our family even though it seemed like my Mom wore the pants. But when the time was needed, Daddy was in charge.

He was the caregiver for our family, the peace maker, the one that was always there for us. He loved us but it was hard for him to say it. But he showed it every day in his actions. Anytime we needed help, he was there. When my Mom said no, he found a way to say yes.

He always tried to make the best of things, even though it was not always appreciated. He tried to be there for my Mom but sometimes she didn't see the spot deep in his heart where it came from.

He was a good man.

As I look at his character, I"m proud to say that I inherited a lot of his characteristics.
He was a peacemaker, always trying to keep things calm. to bring out the lighter side of the situation.
He was a caretaker, being there in every way even with all the frustration surrounding it. He was a gentle soul but with a firm hand. I only received two spankings from him but while growing up, but I knew I had done wrong.

Looking at my life, I see his character there. I tend to be the peacemaker, the caretaker, the quiet sentimental one, the one with a tender heart,  the one wanting to show love but not always knowing how. Sure my Moms influences pop in at times, some good, some bad. But it's my Dad's that made me a better man, a good man.

So coming to the 5 year mark of his passing, I've learned to appreciate what he embedded into my heart and soul, the life lessons he taught me and the view of the world through his eyes.

You are missed Daddy.
Love You,
Your Son