Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Will I Do Different

We celebrated another Christmas, and I've gotta say, this was the first one in a long time that I really enjoyed........Nice.......

Next comes the start of a New Year.  There's something about 2013 that already sounds ominous. I know the number 13 has been added to years in the past. I'm not sure what those years were like, but apparently we survived. I've never been superstitious, so no worries there. It just sounds a little.......ummmm.......uh oh.....look out.

This is the time that we make our...New Year Resolutions. Then we see just how long they last.

Instead of Resolutions, I've decided that this year is going to be a year of "What Will I Do Different".
That seems to work better for me than.....Resolutions.

Last year, seeing the way my body seemed to be falling apart way too fast and with the advice of my doctors, I started going to the gym. I've learned to love it, even though my body doesn't agree most of the time, when it screams at me the next couple of days after working out.

This year, I've decided to start working on my mind as well. I'm not the reader that I would like to be, but I was fortunate to receive a Christmas Gift from a really good Friend, a Beautiful book cover  for a Kindle. He wasn't sure if I had one, but that was exactly the inspiration I needed to get one. I now have a Kindle, thanks to Christmas, that fits perfectly in the cover. I've added my first book and I'm on my way to my first improvement this year....expanding and improving my mind by reading more. Thanks Lin......

I could make a list of lot of other things that I need to do differently, but, I suppose one thing at a time will do. Taking on last years objective and being able to feel that I've accomplished it, really adds to my excitement for this year's as well.  Sure I will continue working on other things that need improvement, but I have a goal, with a purpose. Making sure my mind doesn't fall apart any worse than it already has and improve it's function.......hehehe.....sounds a little clinical....but works for me.

So as we swing into the year of 2013, I offer Good Thoughts and Prayers of Blessing Beyond Measure.
I offer new doors opened, and old habits and frustrations closed. I offer up a year where we can say, finally, now that was a year to remember. And even though we know hardships will be along for the ride, we can say, we rode first class, with respect, dignity and a road well traveled.

So what ever we do, I pray we work on Doing It Better, With Purpose,
With Compassion, With Love, With Joy and With Life.....

and the Journey Continues

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Blessing

A Christmas Blessing

May Your Christmas be filled with Laughter
The Warmth, Glow and Music of the Angels
The Gifts of the Wise Men 
And the Hope of the Child in the Manger

May Your Christmas be filled with Love and Joy
With Friends and Family
And if alone, may you feel the comfort of His Love
And Hope, Springing Up like a Well from His Heart

May Your Christmas be a time of Remembering
The Time spent with Loved Ones Past
And those Dear and Precious to you Now
And may You dwell in His Light from Above

May Your Christmas be a Time of Celebration
More than just another day
But a Special Time
To Celebrate the Reason for the Season

May Your Christmas be a day
Where the coldness of Your Heart
Feels the Warmth of God's Promise
Of Emanuel, God With Us

May Your Christmas be a day of Rest and Peace
Of Joy and Laughter
Of Warmth and Love
And of His Hope Beyond Measure

May Your Christmas be filled with the Blessings of Christmas
Blessings sent from God above
Filled with His Love and Joy
Sent to us with His Son

May Your Christmas be Blessed, Surrounded and Consumed by His Spirit
On This Day that we take the time to Celebrate
His Birth, His Life, His Death, His Resurrection, Our Salvation, His Coming
and His Gift of Life given to Each of Us

God Bless Us Everyone

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Value Of Death

With the events of this last week, we talk a lot about the value of life. When tragedy strikes close to home, we are sickened at the loss, at the brutality. We see those so young, taken way before their time. Lives with so much hope and adventure, ended in an instant.

We see twenty six lives taken and it touches our very core....

What I guess struck me so hard today, was the fact that we have young, innocent, lives, being taken every day. We see parents and children being massacred every day. Simply by turning on our television or computer, we see. We seem so adjusted to death happening, we just take a listen and then go on our way. We seem to forget that......that death had value as well.

In the news this week. it's called an American Tragedy. We see the pictures, hear the names, the stories, the beautiful life of each one taken. People from all over the world have talked about it and sent their condolences. 

But we don't see the names, or the lives, or the tragedy that took so many away in Syria, or Israel, or Pakistan.....and the list goes on. We just hear the facts and go on about our business. It seems to take a tragedy at home, before we become emotionally involved. 

I'm not trying to take anything away from the seriousness and the sorrow of such a tragic event, that showed the worst of human nature. So many young lives were taken. I guess I'm just trying to say, when did we become so blind to the value of each death.

Why is it so easy to only see the value of each life, each child, each mother or father, brother or sister......each life taken, just when it's close to home. Why do we not look closer, show the names, the faces, the stories on the news, when it happens some place else. Maybe if the news spent more time showing the tragedy abroad, making it more personal, helping us to feel the emotion of the family, the loved ones, the community.....we would rise up from all over and say.....the madness has got to stop. Maybe we would finally stand up for what is right and good in the world, see the value of each life and each death, and find a way to turn this world around, in a new direction.

We pray, we talk, we share and for so many, we forget for a while.... until it happens again, close to home. The sad part about happens everyday. Lives being taken, tragically, maliciously, cowardly.
When will we hear their stories.

As I continue listening to the news even now, we all mourn for the tragedy in Connecticut......

But please people.....when will we mourn for the voices silenced, but not heard......

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Gift Of Giving

Christmas has turned into an interesting time of year. It's amazing how we see it through a child's eyes, full of laughter and bright lights, gifts and Santa Clause, angels and the Baby Jesus.

But, as adults, it seems like this time can be the best or the worst time of year.

When we have families to share it with, it can be quite the celebration. But sometimes, even with families, there is not much joy, as each day is a struggle in one way or another. Having enough for two meals....maybe. Not enough for a gift, or a tree, or decorations. Christmas becomes a time of sadness and grief.

For some who don't have families, or that one special person to share it with, to decorate with, to enjoy a special meal with, it can become a dreaded day, a day filled with longing, and sadness, and loneliness. A day of heartbreak and depression, and sometimes anger, at the feeling of what life has dealt us. We see just another day of being alone.

Maybe this year, as we prepare for our own celebrations, we need to look past our own circle of family and friends, and see the world that others live in. Maybe this year, we need to Give the Gift of Giving.

Maybe it is given with a Hug, a Phone Call, a Christmas Card with some extra cash, a Heartfelt Prayer of Peace and Blessing in their life, a Word of Acknowledgement of letting them know that they are not alone. All it takes is for us to open our eyes and See......

See those who long for something more, some joy, some love....some hope.

For us who are Christians, we know we were given the Best Gift....the Son of God. We see the gifts of the Wise Men who gave their Best to the Baby in the Manger....Emmanuel......God With Us.

For those of other faiths, we can share that Love and Beautiful Spirit that we know.

But most importantly, we need to See.....and Realize that there are so many longing for that day of celebration, that day of not being alone, that day of being loved. We need to find a way to make a difference in their lives. We need to learn how to give The Gift Of Giving......

We need to make it More Than Just Words......but a Gift From Our Heart, Our Soul, Our Life.
We will find that our Greatest Joy comes from, not what we have Received, but what we've Given.

Make a difference today....See.....the world around you......See.....the ones who are hurting........

and Give The Gift of Giving.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Greener Grass

We've all gone through a time in our lives, when we have our eye on the grass on the other side of the fence. It seems so much greener, thicker, and well kept. We look at what we have and long for what we don't. We want the experience of running our bare feet through the richness of the field, to roll and play and lay in all of it's glory.

As we gaze on it's beauty, we realize two things.

First, there is a fence in the way. That fence can be a barrier made of circumstances, or fear, or both.
To leave the comfortable...but somewhat unhappy place....and climb the fence to a new beginning, can seem as big as climbing a mountain filled with unreachable cliffs.

If you're like me, it seems like I have to have all my P's and Q's in order before I can even think about attempting such a feat. I have to have all the answers, to all this questions I might face, before I can proceed. My circumstances, as well as my fear of letting go and starting the climb, seem almost too much to fathom.

Second, before we take that leap of faith, we have to take time to get a better look at what's on the other side of the fence. When we take a deeper look, we might realize that as most fields, the grass is not as green as we thought. It may be filled with unknown thistles, and weeds, and holes.

For some of us, there is no hesitation to leap over the fence, start a new journey in this life, and face all the ups and downs with a renewed energy and joy.

For some of us, the fear of the unknown, brings us to our knees, as we try to sort it all out. People living outside of our box, see our circumstances and know that there is so much need for a change. They can't understand why we have any hesitation.

So we find ourselves being the one who says, lets just do it, or the one who says, let me make sure everything will turn out right before we do.

I envy the ones who can take a leap of faith, meeting the challenge head on, and facing each twist in the road as it comes. Unfortunately, my mind is one that see's all the.....what ifs....can I make it if things don't work I really want to put myself in a place of uncertainty.

Being of that mind set, I've learned that you can get stuck in a rut, for a long, long time. You can go through so many years of feeling that life has lost his zeal, it's joy, it's meaning. I know that being sensible is a good thing, as can throwing it up into the wind and enjoying the experience.

I guess, finding that balance, can be the hard part. Not being too analytical, but at the same time, not being too carefree, remembering that every action has a reaction. Learning to balance our head, and our heart.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm going through one of those circumstances, seeing my field, tattered and worn, filled with weeds, and thistles, and holes. It's a field of certainty, but also a place that's complacent, stagnate, and lifeless. I have to decide if I can meet the challenge of a new field, to make a decision for me for a change, even if it hurts some of those around me who have given their support and love, but have also given me a lot of that grief and frustration. It's a decision that could bring new joy and purpose....or circumstances that I could live to regret, if things don't work out. My analytical mind and my heart become a tug of war, not realizing that they both can meet half way, which again brings me to my knees.

So, is the Greener Grass, worth the challenges that it may hold......

I guess the answer.....will be continued.........

as my Journey Continues.........