Friday, June 14, 2013

Songs of the Heart

Eight simple songs
Music from the soul, Songs of the Heart
A project that was started eight years ago
With a completion date of a couple of months
But life has a way of changing our time table
Family changes and events
Putting life on hold
And projects on the back burner

Eight years of being the caregiver
The responsible one
Making decisions and facing challenges
Dealing with the weight and the stress
Filling a youthful face with lines of worry
Stripping the mind of a little bit of life
Hidding the joy
Creating a deeper disposition and character

But as the trying times ceased
The burdens were lifted somewhat
Clearing the mind and relieving the stress
Allowing the project to continue
The time table to resume
But with a new urgency
A new learning process
A purpose fulfilled

Eight simple songs
Music from the soul, Songs of the Heart
The first of much more to come
Opening new doors of sharing
Creating expressions of life
Leaving a bit of history
A small legacy
A new chapter on this Journey of Life

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


His face was that of an Angel.....Kitty Angel that is. White hair, blue eyes, with a demur that was as sweet as his face.

He had a bit of a peculiar tail, a little stubby, a little knotted, but it made him unique.

He grew in stature and became a strong presence on the porch. He let his presence be known, silently but sternly.

He lived a life fulfilled, raising a family, having a great camaraderie with his buds, living a life carefree and happy.

But as time went by, his age and too many cat fights began to catch up with him. He was overpowered by a more dominant rival, receiving deep gashes on his side and scrapes on his body. He never complained, never faltered, continuing his dominance on His porch. But the wounds were to deep. Getting around was a struggle as the frailty of his body increased.

He came home for one last meal and a few moments of love and care, then slipped away under the porch, slipping into sleep, finding his peace..........