Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear Mr. President

As a prerequisite, I'm more than aware that there are many of you who will disagree with what I have to say here, but I hope that you will take this and respect it as my thoughts and refrain from adding your negative comments. There are plenty of other places for that. My comments here apply to the current President as well as every other man that has and will take on the title and the responsibility.

Dear Mr. President,

I just wanted to take some time to let you know how much I respect you and the job you hold. No one can ever know what it's like standing in your shoes or carrying the load of burdens you have to bare every day.

You wake up with the weight of the United States as well as the World on your shoulders. Besides having the economy, jobs and unemployed, national security, the environment, immigration, natural and unnatural disasters, and all of the other problems surrounding the United States, you have to worry about wars, terrorist, disease, killing and starvation, and countries that are always plotting against us. And if that isn't enough you have to fight the politics between the two parties, the polls, the constant criticism and the haters.

You constantly come up against a brick wall from the other party when trying to get things done. You have to hear there twist and turns and lies and constant criticism with never the thought of actually trying to work things out. You are always wrong and they are always right. Anything that goes wrong in our country is your fault, not theirs, yet they so easily forget their own transgressions of corruption and dealings with the peoples money and their well being.

If there are problems in the world, it's your fault. If there are terrorist, worry of disease, or wars, are why or why we did or didn't we get involved, it's your fault. You are the barer of everything that goes wrong in the world but never given credit for what good things you have done.

You have to listen daily to the news when you slip up on one word or a phrase. You have to listen to the other party condemning you as well, always using it as an excuse to hide their own bad decisions and inadequacies.

The other party constantly blames you for every thing wrong in our country, forgetting the fact these things were things that you tried to pass through them months ago, ignoring the fact that they wouldn't deal with them, or put then off for another day, or fought you every step of the way for trying to work it out as a bipartisan solution.

I hear constantly that YOU are the President and it's your job to take care of everything the world throws our way, forgetting that congress is suppose to be there to help with these problems and not add to them.. So many listen to every thing the other party states as if it's all true and they wouldn't dare lie to their people.

They forget that YOU ARE ONE MAN, THAT YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN. They so easily ignore this fact and continue to blame and criticize, and hate. They choose to hate because of your party affiliation, your religion or the color of your skin. They chose to hate you the moment you were elected and never tried to give you a chance.

So you, Mr. President, get my complete and total respect. I may not agree with every decision you make but I make sure I look at all the sides fairly and ignore the twisting of the truth, and the lies, and the hatred. I pray for you daily for God's guidance as well as strength for you and the burden you have to bare. Always remember that there are those who wish the best for you and know that you are ONE MAN with the weight of the WORLD on your shoulders..........