Thursday, January 1, 2015

Seasons of Life

Light gently peaks through
A place that had been so dark, so cold
A season of time so bare, so lifeless

Colors spring out
Forms take shape
Warmth embraces

The seasons of time
Bringing new life, new purpose
A beginning and an end of a journey

With time, we live through seasons
As with life, they come and go
From darkest night to brightest day

Through God's infinite wisdom
The seasons of nature and life evolved
Ending one cycle, beginning a new

We take the days that seem so bleak
Embrace them and know
It's just a season, a moment

Rays of light soon touch us gently
Changing our surroundings
Bringing tranquility

Once again to feel the joy
The warmth
The fullness of life

We see the seasons run their course
Changing the colors around us
Changing the emotions of our soul

We soak in the warmth of light
We stand firm through the time of darkness
Finding balance as the circle continues

To embrace the darkness of sadness and pain
To revel in the light of joy and love
To find our purpose and understanding in the Seasons of Life