Monday, November 18, 2013

To Dread Or Embrace

It's here again, seems like it just left
But Halloween came and went and now there's Thanksgiving and Christmas
As we've gotten older, it seems as though time has spun out of control
The loop keeps getting smaller and smaller and the year is just a whisper, or a memory

It seems to be a time of Dread, no longer filled with the joy and the sparkle
Where the holiday songs and movies seem to annoy instead of heal
It can be seen in the eyes of so many as it creeps into their hearts
A time where that special warmth has turned cold as ice

There comes a time with each of us, to make our own choice
Whether Christmas is just another day or it's celebrated and Embraced
To find that joy we had as children, the excitement of the lights, the packages, the tree
That seems to have been lost in the clutter of life and the world around us

So we must make our own decision, To Dread or Embrace
To make this time special, or just let it pass us by
If we tend to Dread, we just grumble until it's over
But if we learn to Embrace it, we reconnect with that special magic of our childhood

When we look at the world through carnal eyes we see hype and sales and stuff
But when we remember the Reason For The Season we can once again celebrate the Glory of the Highest
So it becomes our decision to see as a child or an adult
To see the world for what it is, or experience this time with the Holy Child and His Spirit inside

To Dread Or Embrace, to let the world bring us down
Or let His Spirit move us and allow this time of year to be what it's meant to be
To be like children who see the child, the shepherds, the wise men
And be compassionate adults who see more than the shopping and Santa Clause and parties

Can we Embrace the spirit of Love and Joy, can we let the music fill our hearts again
Can we take every moment and turn it into the Gift of Life that it was meant to be
To Dread or Embrace, as one who has felt the loss
This year I choose to Embrace and enjoy every aspect  the season unfolds

"So let us all be like children
Whether we're one or ninety five
and at Christmas time Lord help us all
To laugh like children, love like children....this year...."

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm in amazement as I get close to 10,000 views of this blog. The thought of so many, from all over the world, taking the time to stop and read about my Journey of Life, is mind blowing.

This page has given me an opportunity to work through the pain of some difficult times in life and to find answers to those struggles. It has let me share my desires for a better world, filled with more hope and love and less division and hate. Hopefully it's allowed some to see that we are not alone in our struggles and that we can work together to find some answers and encouragement.

I've been fairly transparent in my writing, revealing some of the deeper parts of my soul. So many times in life, I've been put me on a pedestal because of what I do or who I am. But by revealing my ups and downs, my strengths and my weaknesses, I hope we can see that no matter where we are or what walk of life we come from and experience, we are all equal. We may have different lives and different circumstances but none of them make us any worse or any better than anyone else. The only thing in life that defines us is our character. A character that is developed my our decisions, our shortcomings and our achievements and how we worked through each experience. We may have failed or we may have succeeded but as long as we learned and grew, do we find our true self.

I know all to well how hard life can be and at times, incredible as well. I know that no one can really know a persons heart without living every moment in their shoes. I know that it doesn't really matter what I say or do unless it comes from my heart. I know that I have a long way to go in this life to come close to getting it right. But as long as I'm learning from my choices and my mistakes I can change and make a difference.

So as I come to 10,000 views from so many blog entries, I hope I can continue to share and enlighten, to encourage and to be real, and to learn and maybe inspire. And from these life lessons learned, I hope we can all get closer to becoming

What We Wish The World Would Be.

and the Journey Continues......