Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Return Of My Passion

I'm amazed at how much I missed the feel, the touch of a piano. Sure my keyboard is great for creating, expanding my horizons, and putting my music into print. But the piano......that's where my Passion flows.

For years I would sit at the piano and play for hours and hours, whether it was beating out my frustrations, or searching deep in to my heart and soul and letting all that I had within me flow through the keys, full of emotion, and yes, Passion.

I knew I had been missing something in my day to day routine. The expression, the release, the joy, all kept inside, wanting to get out, but with no outlet to be found. So that, what was kept inside, turned into anger, frustration, and depression.

I'm amazed that with the simple addition to a piano in my life again, within one day, there has been a change for the better. The warmth that surrounds me, the peace of mind, the quiet joy, and so much more has been renewed. This may be a puzzling statement to most people, but for us of the melody, the makers of music.....we find our peace.

So I expect and look forward to brighter days ahead as I begin to play, express, release and discover my Passion, all over again.

and the Journey Continues......

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Had A Dream seems like I've written about this before....but was just a dream....hehehe.

It's interesting how our subconscious seems to work overtime when we dream. Our dreams reflect our day in ways that we never quite comprehended, shedding new light on the road we travel.

I could go on and on about some of the dreams I've had and yep....some of them have been doozies.....
but a couple of nights ago, while traveling from Texas, I had a very revealing dream.

I was in a town full of unfamiliar places. As I went from place to place, I caught myself, fluttering, so to speak from one interest to another. As I experienced each moment, I found that they lacked
I found I was just going through the motions.

I entered a building where they were setting up a stage area and I was asked to sing something for a sound check. It's amazing how much better I sing in my dreams.
I was singing a heartfelt ballad, full of emotion....passion....heart....and life. The crowd drew quiet, intense, and totally absorbed in the moment. Tears begin to fall as all were totally caught up in the experience.

As I woke up, I was deeply moved as well. It was amazing how my subconscious mind was showing me in a unique way, what fulfilled my life the most.

My Music.....and the ability to touch a heart.

Not because of my vocal abilities, but my passion to share my life.
Maybe that sounds a little strange, but in the process of doing a lot of soul searching lately, I've discovered the need  to  re energize my spirit, to refocus my goals, and oddly enough, my dream revealed what my mind already knew, but seemed to have forgotten. To share my heart through music is my joy.

I am continuously amazed at the human mind and will continue to be amazed at what my subconscious reveals to me in the dark hours of the night. Who knows, maybe it's not so much my subconscious, but God whispering gently, enlightening my road and guiding my way.......

and the Journey Continues......

Friday, October 12, 2012

Heading To Texas

I'm heading to Texas for a few days so I won't be around for a while. Hope you have a great couple of weeks and I'll catch up with you when I get back...........

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Than Just Words

Looking back over my old blog post, has been a bit intriguing for me, as my forte for writing, has always been in music.

Encouraged by a therapist friend, as a way of expressing the ups and downs of my past few years, and inspired by the writing style of  my friend, Lin Ross,, writing this blog, has truly been an interesting process.

Some of my entries have stemmed from the pain and frustration of the moment. Some from the joy that was sparked by the simplest of things. Some were my outcries of the injustices of the world and the sadness of the evolution of our humanity. Most came from a simple thought that I was able to express in just a few minutes of writing.

I've always tried to write from my heart, not my head. I found that when my head gets involved, things start sounding a bit cliche. Sharing from my heart tends to open up some old wounds at times, bringing out more of my past, and feelings, and experiences, than I am comfortable with, but all these things are part of my journey. We experience, we learn, we forget and learn again, we grow and backslide, and start a new day, all part of that process that makes us who we are. We learn life lessons through our experiences. It's what we do with these lessons that make us a better person, or not. Make us a better example to the people around us, or not. Enable us to reach out with hope and inspiration, life and joy, passion and compassion.....or not.

I hope that as I write here, it's More Than Just Words. As I find resolution in my life, it can help others going through the same process. As I am inspired by the little things, the uniqueness of the world, it can inspire others to see the world around us as such a special place. As I learn and grow from the bumps in the road, it can shed some light for others, and smooth their path ahead.

My writing, just like my far from perfect, but by recognizing that, it gives me hope. As long as we see areas that need improvement......and there seem to be a lot of them.....we've got a direction, a goal, a purpose in our life. Our choices, from that moment, will make us a better person, or not. Make us an inspiration to others, or not. Give us a life full of happiness, joy and contentment, or not.

My hope is that my life, as my words, are more than just sounding brass and tinkling cymbals. That my actions speak louder than my words. That those around me can see and know that who I am, is............More Than Just Words........

and the Journey Continues.......

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Music Of My Soul

In time of trials and troubles, most people who were raised in the church go to the scriptures for comfort. With each bump in the road, a scripture comes to mind to give that peace, that hope, that strength.

For me.......comes a song......

When turmoil comes, Rich Mullins words come.....

"You have been my King of Glory, won't You be my Prince of Peace"

"We are not as strong as we think we are"

And the Hymns we grew up on......

"There is a place of quiet rest, near to the Heart of God
A place where sin cannot molest, near to the Heart of God
Oh Jesus blessed Redeemer, sent from the Heart of God
Hold us who wait before Thee, Near to the Heart of God"


"What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear
What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer
Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer"

and the song, sung by Russ Taff

"When your up against a struggle, that shatteres all your dreams
And your hopes have been cruely crushed by Satan's manifested schemes
And you feel the urge within you to summit to earthly fears
Don' let the faith your standing in, seem to disappear

Praise the Lord, He can work through those who praise Him
Praise the Lord, for our God inhabits praise
Praise the Lord.....
For the chains that seem to bind you, serve only to remind you
That they drop powerless behind you 
When you praise.....Him"

So the Music of My Soul, music written through the ages about...........

Our God, Our Savior, Our Friend, Our Hope, Our Peace, Our Rest, Our Strength.....

Gives me solace to stand tall, fight the good fight and enjoy the hope of another day.....

and the Journey Continues.......

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sometimes I sit down and want to write something......but there's just nothing, an empty slate, a brain freeze.

Then I realize, this is a good thing. The peace, the noise turned off, that quiet place that I can call my own. My mind is usually running from one thing to another and sometimes, they collide in mid flight. I catch myself trying to get everything  done at once, all at the same time..... until the energy runs out. I guess I forget that I'm not 25 anymore, and going too fast, usually ends up with bumps and bruises, because I'm not paying attention to my surroundings.

So as I sit here in front of a blank screen and find that Nothingness, that's OK. I can actually laugh about it and enjoy it because it happens so rarely.

Life is a great experience and when we can find those moments where everything just stops.....we should special. It reminds us that we clutter up our lives with so much to do, so much junk, so much of what seems so important, that we forget about the meaning of life.......TO LIVE.

To live with a passion, to enjoy each moment, good or bad....yep....all part of the journey....just LIVE.

So I sit here with not much to say, but I'm savoring the moment, enjoying the peace and quiet and celebrating the Nothingness.......

and the Journey Continues......