Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks And Giving

It's the season of the year, when we spend more time with family, eat way too much, and nap a lot as well. It seems like it gets here faster and faster, and becomes more of a dreaded time, than a time of Thanksgiving.

Some of us go through the motions of it being just another day, maybe because of where their life has taken them.

Some, take a few days ahead of Thanksgiving to start counting their blessings, one by one, giving thanks to God for all the wonders of His Love.

Sitting here this morning, it occurred to me that the word, Thanksgiving, is actually two words.

Thanks............and Giving........

Giving Thanks to the God who blesses us....
Giving Thanks for the life we experience every day....
Giving Thanks for family and friends and so many others that make our lives complete....

But......maybe.....we could focus on the .....Thanks.....and Giving........

Taking time to thank the people around us for the little things they do every day to make life more beautiful.
Thanking the store clerk, when she makes an extra effort to help. Thanking the guy who holds the door open for you, as you walk in the office.  These things may seem a bit trivial, but I think in our day and time, so many of us have forgotten how to show courtesy, respect, and yep, thanks.

Some of us have learned the gift of giving, but usually only show it by helping at the mission on Thanksgiving day, or by giving gifts around Christmas time.

Giving, is sharing a part of our heart, who we are, who we are perceived to be. Giving part of our heart, our time, our talent, our wealth..... spontaneously, freely, unselfishly, and unexpectedly, to those we meet every day, is true giving. Whether it's family, friends, neighbors, or people we meet on the street, giving can change lives.

Sooooo....just some simple thoughts that have the ability to make a world of difference.

Turning Thanksgiving into a time of

Thanks..........and Giving.......

and the Journey continues.......

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Slipping Into Anger

I've sat down in front of the computer several times the last couple of weeks and written several blogs....but never hit the publish button. I had some great words to say to congressman Boehner as to how fed up I was with his politics as usual. I wrote another blog about circumstances and how can we really change them....makes things right.

But as I wrote each blog, I noticed a lot of anger slipping back into my writing.

The last few weeks, I've been able to let go of a lot of the anger I had kept inside, from the last few years of craziness.  It felt felt great. I was finally letting go and finding a small amount of peace again.

Then, circumstances started changing, putting me back to a place I hadn't been in a while. I realized that a lot of the circumstances that I thought I had resolved, had only been smoothed over. The last few days, those smooth edges began to get ruffled again. The anger was back. I could see it in my blogs, in my words, in the way I had been treating others, in all of it's ugly glory, and I didn't like what I was seeing.

Yesterday, it reached its peak.  My ears were ringing off the wall, the knots in my back were pulsating, and my anger was lashing out at everyone, every moment, and in every way. I realized, that the circumstances that had been bothering me, had come back to haunt me with a vengeance.

Interestingly, all the frustration, again, showed itself in my dreams.

One dream went on and on in a hotel room. I was trying and trying to find my room, only being met by one obstacle after another. The people that I thought were there to help me, became my worst hindrance. The worse it got, they finally told me there was no escape. I just wanted to get out of there. I felt I had been put in my own private hell.

The second dream had me on an island somewhere in Asia. I was an EMT of all things. The government kept wanting more and more money for me to work, but I was never given work. I wanted to leave, to head home, but again, there was no escape.

It was so obvious what I had been feeling. A feeling of hopelessness, of imprisonment, of finding no hope, no solutions to my circumstances. And with that feeling, came the anger and frustration, and again, I was taking that anger out on those around me.

It took me some time to recognize the problem, but the recognition, gave me the chance to move on. This time around, I knew I couldn't just smooth over the edges of my circumstances.  I had to confront them and find solutions to them. Otherwise, I'd be back to where I was, depressed, frustrated, angry, and unhappy.

Sometimes, our circumstances put us in a place where we seem imprisoned, and hopeless, and unhappy.
I know from my Christian background, that, that's the time I have to give it to God.

My personality is one that I feel I have to do it all, I have to solve the problem, I have to get myself out of the mess. But I've learned, I can't do it all. So I put it in God's hands.

Sometimes, it just takes stepping back for a moment, and letting God give us the whole picture, whether by what we feel, or sometimes.....with a dream.

We step back....we let go....we learn....and we let God do what He does best......

and the Journey Continues......

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Political View

Disclaimer:  This is my Journey and My Thoughts. I don't expect you to agree but I do ask that you respect my beliefs for me, as I will for you.

With so much politics in the country today, I took a look back at the evolution of my political beliefs and found them to be..... well........

I was raised in a small town in Texas with the political view of my parents, as did so many in my small town. It was easy to vote because it was a click on the ballet to vote for all on the Republican party. It didn't take me long to rethink that and realize that I liked what was represented by some members of both parties. So, yep, I became an Independent.  I voted for quite a while as an Independent voter, looking at both sides, trying to see their good points and their bad points, with a prayer. I realized they were human. Humans aren't perfect, they make mistakes and bad decisions. But you can usually tell where their heart and humanity are, by the tone of their voice, the look in their eyes and their struggle to make things right.

There was a time, when I became really disillusioned by the Democratic party. I started to see their grasp for power, their pride and purpose, getting in the way of what was right for the people. But then, I saw a Democratic President elected. Someone I felt really had a heart for the people, wanting to make our country a better place. It didn't matter if the President tried to make things better, it was all in vain as it has been so many times. The Republicans fought tooth and nail to fight everything he proposed. When our country was struggling the most, they cared more about their politics, than trying to work to make things better. Then the ugliness of the Democrats, began to spread like wildfires to the Republican party. The continued grasp for power, the continued political games, the continued actions of what we want as a party and not what's the best for the people, grew like a black cancerous mass, covering our entire country. In it, the people became filled with hate, ugliness, and hopelessness. I became so disillusioned with the whole political game, I lost all faith in our government, our politicians, our leaders. I saw every man or woman running for office, spewing out hatred and lies, or only what they thought people wanted to hear to get votes.

So.....I became.....unpolitical.........

Even though our political system reeks with  havoc, I know it's all we've got right now. Will it ever get better, probably not. Will the anger and hatred go away, probably not. Will the fake smiles and grasp for power go away, probably not. Will one party ever try to work with the other party or the other parties President, probably not. Will the people of our country start looking deeper inside what the Presidential candidates and congressional candidates are really saying, not what's being spewed across the airways, full of lies and hate and deceit, probably not. Will we ever get it right, probably not.........

But we can hope, and we can pray, and we can do our part to make this country a better place. But.....
...We.......have to make the change.  We have to look in our hearts and find what lies deep beneath. Is it hatred, anger, pride, or is it love for humanity or the desire for peace and hope. So many of us call ourselves Christians, but what we say, or do, or write when it comes to politics, or life in general, has a way of showing our true nature, our true heart.

I make the statement, a lot, BE WHO YOU WISH THE WORLD WOULD BE. By our actions, and words, and deeds, are we making a difference for a Better World, or, are we trying to send the world to hell in a hand basket. Are we hanging on to anger, the hatred, or, are we letting it go, and making everyday a gift, by filling it with words of hope, and joy, and love.

I've seen the bad side of humanity show it's face way too much lately. But in the midst of all the corruption, and darkness, I see a light crack through the surface. I pray that those of us who spread that light, will grow stronger and brighter. And those who don't, will grow tired of the games, and the hopelessness, and the anger, and try to work together to make the world.....OUR WORLD....the best it can be.......

and the Journey Continues.........