Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Living In Our Own Skin

Living in our own skin
Filled with our hopes and dreams, pain and conflicts
We live and breath, we laugh and cry
We struggle, we love, we find joy, or not
Living the life we've been given

Our skin may be white, or black, or somewhere in between
But only we know what it feels like
Others may give haughty replies of how we should feel
How we should live and think,
But only we know what lies within

Some let their arrogance dictate their actions
Living their lives, feeling the world revolves just for them
Whether their skin is white, or black, or somewhere in between
They put more self worth on what they think and do
Judgmental, close minded, selfish, critical

But who are we to judge, to criticize
Why do we focus on the splinter in our brothers eye
And ignore the beam blocking our own vision
Why do we try living in their skin
When we struggle to live in our own

Are we not all one family
Whether our skin is white, or black, or somewhere in between
Are we not all made of flesh, and bone, and blood
Are we not all a child of our maker
Are we not one person among millions

Life is what we make it
Whether it's a failure or success, it's our life
We are held accountable for what we do
How we deal with the struggles, the victories, the journey
We have to find a place where we are comfortable in our skin

But we should find a way to be comfortable with others as well
With humility, and love, and understanding, and acceptance
We should be open to their point of view
As well as understanding the whys and why nots of our own
Realizing each of us are unique and special, with purpose and worth

Whether we walk to our own beat
Or blend in with the crowd
We each have to find our own path
With humility, and love, and understanding, and acceptance
Whether our skin is white, or black, or somewhere in between

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Been A Bit

It's been a bit since I've had time to write here. My journey has definitely been interesting lately.

The Business:
I've been challenged more than I could have imagined but it's been a great learning process and I've been up for the challenge. Knowing what I know now....would I have ever started it.......yep.....
Does the stress get to me at times.....yep.....but it's all part of the process. And even with so much involved, so many decisions and so much to's a good feeling.

The Emotions:
The last few weeks have had more than their share of sadness. One friend diagnosed with a life threatening cancer. One friend who's Dad suddenly passed. One friend's struggle with cancer, so courageously fought, slowly loosing the battle. So many other friends and acquaintances having their own loss and struggles. Sometimes the emotions can be a bit overwhelming.

The Songbook:
So close to a reality, a finished product, a feeling of accomplishment. Knowing it's the first of more to come but like a first love, it will hold a special place in my heart. Along with the joy, comes the sadness of some of those who were so close to me, not being here to celebrate. But knowing in some way, they are here reveling in the moment with me.

The Joy:
Finding joy has always been and still is a struggle for me. Too many times I look at this world through Glasses Darkly. Seeing the darkness, the anger, the frustration before I see the peace, the love and yep.....the joy. But as life progresses, my quest to open up to a happier place always continues, my search to enjoy the small moments as well as the big, is never ending. My attitude adjustment is ever evolving, turning those Glasses Darkly, into rose colored, filled with light and life.

My Life:
There is a new purpose there, a new challenge, a new place in the sun. There are still days where my body kicks me hard and my emotions are drained dry. But with each new day, each new task, I'm learning to find more balance in my life.

The Journey:
Life is a journey, filled with ups and downs, the good and the bad, the joy and the sadness. But that's what makes the journey unique. When we learn to embrace every aspect of life, then we can learn to live it to it's fullest. And when we add God into the factor, the journey is complete.