Monday, May 26, 2014

The Hate Never Ends

Sometimes I get tired of hearing the news
Sometimes the news paper is too much
Sometimes I don't even want to read Facebook


Because of the hate

We've become a nation, a people, a society where hate dominates our thinking
We say if you can't say something nice, come sit by me

Our minds and our hearts have been so brainwashed to hate that we don't know any difference

Sure we love our families, most of our friends, our dogs and cats
We love our partners in life
But when it comes to others, it's easier to hate, and slander, and criticize
Instead of love

We who are human, who are Christians, who are bartenders, who are teachers and preachers
Who are farmers and disabled and reitired
Who say we love
Until we disagree, or hear some gossip, or slander or criticism
Unfounded by truth

We've forgotten what it really means to be human
Unique, loving, sharing, compassionate, understanding,

It's easier to criticize those we dislike or don't agree with because of  race, color, political party, life style, religion
And the list goes on

When will it stop
When will the hate end
Why is it easier to criticize, talk about, make fun of
Than to try to understand

When will we who say we love the Lord with all our hearts and souls and minds
Start showing love for mankind whether they are black, white, gray, democrats, republicans, Methodist, Muslims, homeless or wealthy

By our words and our actions, we show our true heart
We tell the world who we really are
If we're filled with love and compassion
Or hate and disgust

Guard your heart, guard your words, guard your tempers, guard your spirits
Don't profess to be one thing and let the world see another.
Don't say you know God's love and show Satan's hate

Just Stop

Is your hatred, your gossip, your jokes, your uniformed comments making this world a better place
You are just creating more hate

Why do you constantly try to search for the splinter in his eye when your so blinded by the beam in yours

You criticize a man without walking in his shoes, without knowing his heart, without carrying his load

When will it end

Stop the Hate

The Joy That Eludes Us

Babies and Kittens come by it naturally
Everything is new and exciting
Those little things that catch their attention
And gives them Joy

But age and responsibility
Tragedy and pain
Abuse and neglect
Hides that Joy

Life gives us so much
But circumstances take away
The beauty around us gives us hope
But the turmoil inside denies us Joy

Finding balance
Gives us a chance
But finding balance in an uneven world
Can tilt the scales of Joy

Even when we have the answers
The faith that takes us through
We relentlessly slip back in time
We're eluded once again of the Joy

With each day we have a new beginning
Full of endless possibilities
But only by looking forward and not back
Can we find the Joy

It won't be easy
It starts with the simple things that catch our attention
Through a word, or deed or action
Can we once again find our Joy                        

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Sitting alone, my mind races
My heart cries out oh God
This world has hit me hard
The trials have been too much

And now more trials
More sadness
More Fear

You say you won't take us
Where you won't be with us
But my mind is panicked
My emotions in turmoil

Life and Death, all part of it
But sickness and death and sickness and death
Overwhelms me
My heart says not again

Hear my cries Lord
Heal my heart
Sooth my soul
Help me find your hope again

We pray for healing
But find uncertainty
We must have faith
But my faith is waning

Help me see you and not the fear
Help me see you and not the hopelessness
Help me see you and not the cancer
Help me see you and not the pain

Hear my cries Lord
Help me find my faith again
Help me lay it all at your feet
Help me see Lord, help me see

Friday, May 9, 2014

Lost Faith

Sometimes we feel like all is lost
Our faith in me is gone
Too many challenges, too many tragedies
Too many roads running in circles

Sometimes that lingering pain
That feeling of hopelessness
Seems too strong, too menacing
A battle that can't be won

The strength we had has failed
The confidence has diminished
We grow tired of trying
We come to the point of giving up

We've tried to do right
We've tried to have faith
We take a step forward
Then two steps back

We need things to be better
We need the healing to come
The tragedies deep inside
And of those loved ones we hurt for

But the sadness is too strong
The hope is lost
The faith we had in me and the world
Seems all but gone

Then we hear that still small voice
"Come unto me, all you that labor
And are heavy laden
And I will give you rest"

We want to believe
We want to find rest
But our faith is week
And our heart is broken

We hear again
In your weakness I am strong
So we try to let go
We try to let God

Life becomes a circle of ups and downs
Sometimes our emotions get the best of us
It's hard to see through the gloom and doom
That light in the midst that guides our way

To find the answer of faith
Not of ourselves
But faith in God
And his purpose in all things

So we sit silently waiting
Letting go of the doubt and fear
The pain and sadness
The emotions that hold us back

And we hear again, that still small voice
"Come unto me, all you that labor
And are heavy laden
And I will give you rest"