Monday, April 28, 2014


We have expectations
Maybe more than we should
We try not to ask too much
After all, they are family and friends

But they are our expectations
Guess we expected too much
Just simple request
To stay in touch, to reach out or just remember

Our view of the world
Seems to reach only so far
Inside our boundaries
Our expectations

Family, friends
Remembered for a moment
Then lost by a distraction
Blocked and forgotten

Sometimes we expect too much
Sometimes we grow tired
Weary of the solidarity
Feeling like no one cares.

Asking why do we try
Why do we keep expecting
Only to be disappointed
Over and over again

Sometimes the heart breaks
Wondering why there is no care
No one listening to simple request
Forgetting we are here

So we stop expecting
We stop trying to care
We stop reaching out to touch
When there is no one there, reaching back

Don't forget the weary, the lonely
Don't forget the family, the friends
Broaden our boundaries so they encompass more
Let their expectations become a part of who we are

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Loss of a Child

I drove two elderly sisters to the Animal Humane Center this morning. The older sister had her small dog, Tanya, for several years. They had moved in with her sister a few months ago. Both were deeply attached to Tanya. We were taking Tanya to be euthanized. She had been sick for a while and was just to weak to go on.

For the two women, they were loosing a child. It was heartbreaking as they said their goodbyes, leaving Tanya to her fate.

This past week there seemed to be an epidemic of parents loosing their children. So many tragedies from car accidents, to shootings and stabbings. One of the saddest in Nashville was of a thirteen year old boy changing a tire on the side of the highway for his mother, being hit by a women who was impaired, leaving the scene but later arrested. The boy was a boy scout, deeply involved in his church and a sweet, sweet kid. At his funeral today, he would be buried in his scout uniform that he cherished so deeply.

To think that as they left the house that day, they never imagined meeting such tragedy. As with so many other parents sending their kids off, to get the news that they were gone as well.

They say, a parent should never loose a child. It seems to be the most heart wrenching of all tragedies.

I remember, years ago, I went back to Texas to spend time with my family after my cancer diagnosis. Being told I would have six months to a year to live was the hardest thing I had to share with my parents. As my Mom hugged me, the pain in her face was almost unbearable as the tears flowed and her voice trembled. But I was one of the lucky ones, as I lived to be there for my parents in their time of need and their passing.

It's times like these that we seem to take a deeper look at our own lives. What we are doing, how we are living, and are we truly living in the present. We just have to look around and see that tomorrow is not promised.

So I pray for those who are going through such loss, whether a beautiful pet, a wonderful child, a parent or grandparent, that God would ease the pain, the emptiness, the anguish and give them strength for today and hope for tomorrow. I pray that we will be there for them as well, if only to sit quietly with them as I did this morning and let them grieve.

Love and comfort can be shown in a multitude of actions, or inaction's, through compassion and strength. May God bless them today and you, as you constantly strive to make our world a better place.

and the Journey Continues......

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When The Sadness Comes

When the sadness comes
Seemingly out of no where
Our first instinct is to suppress it
To shake it off and struggle to lift our spirits

But one wise person told me
To embrace the sadness
Let it engulf you
Let the process complete itself

We may not know where the sadness came from
Whether it was triggered from a memory
A word spoken, a sound
Or even a TV show

By letting it flow through you
Letting the emotions run free
Allowing the thoughts to take you
To that place deep inside

Maybe then will we understand it
Find the root of the sadness
Or maybe just find a way
To let it go

When the sadness comes
Don't be afraid or shy away from it
Let it be a part of you
Experience it to the fullest

Then let go of it
Learn from it
Be thankful for it
Let it mold you into becoming a better you