Monday, December 30, 2013

No Regrets

We hear the phrase, NO REGRETS, a lot in our lifetime.

I personally am one of those beings who hang on to my regrets. I let them stew around a while, usually getting upset all over again. The pain, disappointment and anger seems to rise up in my soul every time I revisit one of those moments. I'm realizing more and more that rehashing those past regrets only causes me more frustration.

I used a phrase a lot when I was growing up. RELEASE. A friend in Colorado who had gone through the course of the Sanoma Method, had instilled in my mind to release all the pain, the struggles, the bad decisions and the heartache caused by others. It worked for a while but my mindset soon reverted back to that of regret and worry

We use the phrase, LET GO AND LET GOD, a lot in our churches today. I've used these words a lot as well, to remind myself to do just that.

This brings me back to the concept of NO REGRETS. It's time I remind myself that what is done is done. The accomplishments as well as the bad decisions and bad circumstances were there to mold my character, to learn from and to gain new insights into the world around me. My hanging on to those regrets instills just the opposite. It keeps bringing back the pain and heartache as well as the anger and disappointment. The only way I can really move on and have a positive outlook on the future is to let go of those regrets.

So my change for the new year (as I don't make resolutions, just changes) is to daily remind myself to RELEASE, LET GO AND LET GOD, and live my life with NO REGRETS. Only by letting go of the past, can I find my joy for today and tomorrow.  Only by letting go of the past, can I open up my heart to the life, love and joy that God intended for me to have.

So for today and everyday throughout the year, I will keep those words in my mind and my heart, NO REGRETS, ONLY OPPORTUNITIES, allowing my philosophy of life to change. Allowing my mind and heart and spirit to find a new sense of peace and happiness. Allowing my life to be one of living life, really living life to the fullest.

and my Journey Continues.....

Friday, December 27, 2013

2013, My Journey

2013, a year of accomplishments
A time to finish one project and start a new adventure
A time of too much work and not much play
But a year that opened up new doors beyond my expectations

January began with the goal of finishing my first songbook
The creation of a domain name and the structuring of a logo and a new webpage became a reality
And the songbook continued

February encompassed the paper work for the business side
Creating the start up of WynnSong Publishing
Acquiring tax id's and more business forms
And the songbook continued

March brought the completion of a corporation
WynnSong Publishing Company, Inc. was born
Then more business papers to file
And the songbook continued

April became more about the songbook
The details of the cover, the ISBN number
The title, the forward and table of contents
And the songbook continued

May, June and July were filled with hours and hours of editing
Summer went by and all I saw was a computer screen
More paperwork was completed and contracts were signed
And the songbook continued

August was full of trial printings, corrections
More printings and more corrections
And "Songs of the Heart" was finally complete
The first songbook finished and the beginnings of more to come

September was the time to exhale
As the songbook began shipping
The last paper work for the company was done
And weeks of relief and a bit of withdrawal followed

October and November were a bit more relaxed
As changes were made to the webpage and copyright forms were finished
And the work on next book began
As "Whispers Of Life" began to take shape

December was a time to relax the brain and body
To organize and plan for the next adventure
To work on the book of prose and poetry
And finish acquiring the last few items for the home studio

So January 2014 will begin again
A time of finishing "Whispers of Life"
Continuing the next songbook
And the recording of more of the songs

Hopefully I'll have a little more time to enjoy life this year
To take some time for me and life itself
And not just the music or the writing
Hopefully it will be a time of renewal, both spiritually, mentally and physically

as the Journey Continues.....

Monday, December 16, 2013

Life In Music

I had a dream, a good one by chance
Filled with music that was real
Music that was life

Each note and each word
Were filled with more depth
More meaning, more life

It rekindled my fire
My passion was unleashed
To create again the Life In Music

So I start today
No longer just playing notes
Or singing words with out life

Today I will  release my passion
Today my music comes from my soul
Today the sounds and words will breathe life again

The dream showed new meaning
Where hearts were touched and filled
And the Life In Music was revealed

I see the importance of each word and sound
Taking a new meaning all their own
Sharing a special place of Life In Music

Thursday, December 12, 2013

About.Me is a page where people from all walks of life can promote their jobs, or causes, or faiths, or just simply their lives as complicated or simple as it may be.

My page has given me the chance to share my music and my writing to thousands. It basically links every page I have on the web to this one page. It has also given me the chance to share a bit of my philosophy and my belief system of life

It allows me to connect with people from all over the planet, to explore new ideas, expand creative ventures and experience all the cultures the world has to offer. It is truly a wonderful place for the world to meet.

The first of this month I had connected with 10,000 viewers and less than two weeks later, I've connected with 10,000 more. That has allowed 20,000 viewers to hear my music, read my blogs and hopefully be encouraged by my philosophy of life. At the same time, it has allowed me to share a part of their lives as well.

It you haven't checked out yet, you can start by checking out my page at:

Maybe from there you will have the chance to see other pages and enjoy the diversity and uniqueness that this world has to offer via the internet.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Living Is Giving

Someone asked me this week, at what time in my life was I the happiest. After much thought I realized that it was at a time I felt I really had something to give.

I worked for a company where I was confident and knowledgeable enough to be an expert in my field. Through that knowledge I was able to give advice and suggestions to hundreds on a daily basis. I felt that I had something to give and by giving, I felt alive.

It seems like so many times when asked the question, are we living or existing, we realize we are just existing. When our world revolves around us, we tend to see the world with blinders on. Only when we reach out, do we see the world in a different perspective. When our vision turns inward and we've lost sight of the outside world, we find our life and happiness being depleted. Sometimes I think that living in our own heads can be a curse. Only by living through our hearts, do we learn to live.

When we learn to give back to this world, instead of taking from it, do we find the key to living and not just existing.

Those of us who are Christians learn to realize that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, our life will take the path it's supposed to. That allows our minds the opportunity to let our hearts thrive. But too many times we forget and the mind kicks in, then we try to work everything out our way.

And yes, I'm speaking from experience. Too many times by my trying to work through everything on my own, I see the world through tunnel vision. As I remember back to the time where I felt the most, I find the need to make some changes to rediscover that place. I have to let go of a lot of stuff and relearn how to live and give. Living in faith and giving with love.

Staying on this path seems to be a struggle at times but the more we give, the more we learn to live. First we have to let go and let God to get our lives back on track. Then we have to remember, it's not what we take from this world, it's what we give to it. We have to learn that Living Is Giving and that allows us to live this life with all the joy, respect and purpose we need to truly Live.

and the Journey Continues......