Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Screams of an Angry Man

The last few weeks we've been bombarded with lies, half truths and propaganda in so many areas. Being one who seems to becoming more and more sensitive lately, I find my reactions going off the chart. I catch myself becoming angry at the world, angry at the stubbornness, angry at the comments that are put out there just to cause problems or to cause more division.

I'm really struggling to let go of the anger rearing up inside me. The world can be such an ugly place at times and it seems to be getting uglier by the minute.

I'm constantly struggling to make this world a better place in every way I can. I'm finding some who are on board and wanting this as well. But so many others are fighting tooth and nail to cause division.

I should be able to let it go and take the weight of the world off my shoulders, but when I hear people continuing to cause problems and I feel so strongly that they are wrong, I just want to shout. ENOUGH.

We have our politicians making every effort to divide our nations more. As congressman John Boehner accuses President Obama for trying to be an emperor or king for the immigration law, he forgets that after the senate passed and immigration bill and the house republicans wanted him to bring up a vote on the bill as well, he too played emperor by refusing to bring it to a vote when the house was asking for it. Why is it so easy to put all the blame on others in order to side track our own blame with the problem. Why to we constantly lie and criticize and divide our nation even more. I so wish we could get rid of the two party system and make it a One American System where everyone was working for the good of our country but I know it's not feasible. I just wish all of our political leaders would stop  playing dictator, stop playing money mongers and just stop all the games.

We our proud Americans but when we take a deep look at where we are, we fall short in a lot of areas. When some of the facts and topics are revealed to some people, they say NO, it's just propaganda. How can it be propaganda when the facts are true and we do fall short in some areas of our country. It seems easier to turn a blind eye to some of the sad facts and continue to look through rose colored glasses than to face the truth and work on making it better.

There was a movie years back, I believe call the Network where one of the characters told everyone on the news to open their windows and their doors and scream to the top of their lungs, "I madder than hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". But these days one voice screaming can't be heard, but we can scream on the internet. Scream, stop the games, stop the lies, stop the stupidity, stop the politics, stop being blind, stop hating and hating and hating.......JUST STOP.

So many of us are turning into angry men and women. How long will we allow the foolishness of our leaders and others to continue. When will we stop the hate. When will we......JUST STOP.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Plausibility Of Change


I'm learning that the plausibility of change in our world seems to be at times, a hopeless, uphill battle. We search for change in the human heart that has grown cold and callous. We search for change in the world where power and greed seem to be the driving force. We look for hope and find despair. We look for love and compassion and find hate.

We are living in a world where we are connected to every event, every word spoken and every voice that seems to enjoy hearing their voice above all others. We've become a world of opinions. We're bombarded everyday with news cast, discussion groups and twitter pages where everyone has something to say. Whether they know the details or what's really going on, they suddenly become the expert. We've learned to let our voice be driven by our minds and supposed intellect and no longer by our hearts of compassion.

All that said, the world hasn't fallen into oblivion yet. There is still hope but the change needs to come soon.

I've learned recently that I'm probably a lot more sensitive to the worlds problems then some. My heart hurts for those dying in a foreign land because of famine, war and disease. My heart cries out against those who only seek power and greed and their own agenda, no matter what the cost. My patience grows thin for those who are so close minded, they never give other's thoughts and opinions a chance.

I find myself constantly searching for ways to make this world a better place, to warm the cold hearts and open the eyes to a world that should be, that could be. Sometimes I feel like giving up. I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall that's going nowhere.

Through this process, I've become aware that for some, change will never come. They've become so wrapped up in their world of I's and me's, that's all they see. For whatever reason, it just ain't gonna happen.

But for some I have hope. I see so many in the world who want change. Change in their lives and the lives of those around them. I see the compassion in their hearts and warmth in their eyes. When conflict comes their way, they search for balance and an even ground to work through the process. They may not always agree, but they look for ways to react with respect and hope and grace.

I've learned that it may be impossible for one person to change the world, but one person can change one more, then another and another. For those of us who can see our world in a better place, we find that it can only take one person reaching out and hopefully that one spark will ignite a wildfire of hope and compassion, of love and understanding and of peace and brighter days ahead.

We must learn to close our ears to the bickering around us and open our hearts to shine a new light. That even though we may not have it all together and still have our own issues at times, we may still be a light in a darkened world. We must learn that being understanding is more important than being right, that there's more to this world than greed and power. We must learn to let our first words be a smile, followed by hope and compassion. We must realize that there is more to this life than just I or me, that we are one human being in a world of millions. Only then can we see a brighter future of working together. Only then will we learn to speak with a voice of reason and a heart of compassion.

We can see change by taking the courage to first look in our own hearts, then by taking the courage to reach out, one person at a time and only then can we start to see change in the world we live in.

and the Journey Continues.......