Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time For Some Changes

I took a look in the Mirror this morning and didn't like what I saw.  Sure I've been under the weather but I saw too many frown lines, a body that needs some exercise and the wear and tear of too much stress lately.
Time For Some Changes.

I took a look at the TV and saw so much death, so much tragedy, so much bickering and fighting and so much sadness and I thought I had it bad.
Time For Some Changes.

I took a look at the World around me and saw so many people totally consumed with their life, their wants and needs, their demands, their addictions, their world that is consumed with Me...ism and wondered if this was me and my life as well.
Time For Some Changes.

I took a look at so many people that have lost their joy, their purpose, their hopes and realized that yes Mr. Lin, they've not only forgotten how to Snatch Joy but they've also forgotten how to Enjoy Joy.
Time For Some Changes.

I took a look at my Church and found out that they were there for those on Sunday and Wednesday, but don't be a complainer and if your going through troubles they seem to have forgotten what Ministry is All About.  There are still those who do care but some have truly forgotten what Church is all about.
Time For Some Changes

I took a look at our Politicians and see the same old bickering, the same old partisanship, the same old in the Interest of the People but it's really in the Interest of the Party.
Time For Some Changes

I took a look at so many of my Blog Entries and saw that my world has been consumed by too much negativity and not enough Positivity.
Time For Some Changes

What About You....
Is It........

Time For Some Changes

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick and Tired

As I've struggled with a dozy of a head cold this weak and am still recovering from a little eye surgery, I've had an epiphany so to speak about what is and is not important in my life. 

Being Sick and Tired and my body feeling about as bad as it can be for too many days has given my mind some time to work over time....but this has been a good thing.  It's amazing when you're at a low point how so many things in your life seem so trivial, so unimportant, so wasteful and as we look deeper we start to see just how much time we've wasted on those least I do.

Yep....I'm Sick....and I'm Tired...and I know that puts my mind in a low place and yep, sometimes a bad mood.  With the new year I've really been working on taking back my life, not letting my circumstances rule my days and not giving excuses any more for the disappointments and lack of achievements in my life.  Yet this week I've caught my self yelling at me, having conversations with other people that aren't there (no I'm not delusional, just sick and tired), telling them what I really think of their insanity and instability and just getting out a lot of grief, frustration and anger which I guess can be a good thing.

I know when the fever is gone and the head is cleared up, I will feel like a new man, happy, refreshed, relieved and back to normal.  It's like having a bad day.... when you Sleep On It.... things seem so much better, calmer and not near as bad as they seemed the day before......something I've learned and am still learning.  So when I'm no longer Sick and Tired will look better....but....I think it will be better as well.  I really have taken a second look at what I do with so much of my time and realized just how senseless, trivial and wasteful those things are.  We wonder sometimes why we have to get sick or why things happen the way they do but I know God is in control and these things happen for a reason.....even getting a head cold.

Maybe next time I get sick....even though I'll feel like crap......I'll look at it with a different attitude.  Instead of why me....maybe I will say.....

Thank You Lord........

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I continue to write on this subject and continue to be blown away by it's complexity.  We say what it is, we say what we want it to be, we say what it should be but what it really boils down to is each moment, each decision, each obstacle, each achievement, each joy, each loss, each disappointment......and the list goes on and on and on.

Life is a Journey.

We like to think we are in control of our destiny and each time we start feeling comfortable about  throws us a curve.  How we deal with that curve is what shows our Character, What We're Made least so I'm told.  We're told that we should look out for numero uno.....we're told we should be there for others, we're told it's OK to try to help but being the care giver can make you co dependent, put you in a cycle that's not healthy for you.  We're told a lot of things.

It seems that what life boils down to is our choices, our decisions, our ability to cope but interestingly enough, every day is a new day and what we chose or decided or how we coped yesterday is hit with a whole lot of new circumstances that seem to change everything we learned the day before.  We think we've found all the answers or maybe at least some of them and find out those answers don't seem to apply today. Hmmmmmmmm

I know, you and I both are trying to figure out what I'm getting at.  Maybe it's that we need to learn to Remember the Past, Learn from the Mistakes but Let Go of the Regrets.  Maybe it's that we need to take this Moment and Expect the Unexpected, Enjoy the Joy, Take a Moment when the Problems come and Don't Panic but Give them Some Time.  Try to Make Changes so that those Problems or People or People's Problem Don't Rule Our Lives.  Remember that This To Shall Pass and What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger.  Don't Take Things So Serious but Seriously Look at the Gift of Life We Are Given.  Maybe we just need to Stop.....and Live for a change....without trying to figure it all out........

I can't leave out the aspect that Life is a Physical Journey as well as a Spiritual Journey.  What we believe Spiritually can influence our Physical Life in a big way.....
So goes.....Let Go and Let God, Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You.  I have learned that people who do have a Spiritual Side, a Relationship With God, With Their Higher Power do have a better sense of Purpose in Life.  I know that with all the things that life has thrown me I would not have made it without the help of My God.

So.....We Live, We Choose.....
and thus........The Journey Continues.......