Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I'm probably one of the worst for hanging on to regrets. I know all of the words of wisdom and advice for letting them go, so I can proceed ahead with a more joyful and brighter future, but I don't.

I hang on to decisions. Those I had to make when there was no one to ask for help. I regret the little things, the decisions, the why didn't I do this or that. I know it's too late to change any of these decisions but I still seem to hang on to them,

Recently I've thought about making a list of all the regrets I hold on to. Then I can make a conscientious mind set that all of these things are in the past and can't be changed. I've thought about taking that list and burning it as a symbol that nothing more can be done to change the outcome.

I'm not sure why I cling to them. Sometimes I think that some people have this built into their personality and characteristics. That having a mind that's logical and calculated and a bit of a perfectionist makes it harder to let go. Even with all of the knowledge of knowing what's right, a bit of worry and regret seems to hang in there.

As the song says, "Let I Go, Let It Go" or the words "Let Go and Let God" makes perfect sense for some, for others it's easier to say than to put into action. Unless you have this type of personality, you may not be able to comprehend what we go through.

So what do I do? I continually to try to change my mindset. Maybe burning the list will work, maybe not, but I have to keep trying. I know it's holding me back from some of the joy I seek, Somehow or some way I have to find a way to just do it. Maybe one day it will just click but today I will continue try to change by making an effort to stop when my mind goes to my valley of regrets.

and the Journey Continues.....


shannon said...

I am much the same. I hold on to guilt over a million things I can never change. Part of that is my upbringing and childhood religious training. There was this unspoken demand for perfection and it was unreasonable then and now. I was able to break the cycle with my child - but I still battle those self defeating and unrealistic expectations. Write them down. Read them one last time and draw a line through each one. Then burn them. I think I'll join you and do the same.

WynnSong said...

Thanks Shannon, hopefully this will work for both of us.