Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Tender Heart

A tender heart is a gentle soul
But burdened too many times from the concern and compassion it feels

A tender heart reaches out to the simplest things
As well as the downtrodden and the lost, the broken and the damaged

A tender heart cares so deeply
It tries so hard to lighten the world of it's pain and injustice

A tender heart makes the world it's priority
Loosing itself too many times, putting it's own needs last

A tender heart concerns itself so much
It forgets how to live each day filled with the joy of living

A tender heart can make one weary
But fulfilled when it sees the fruit of it's labor

A tender heart wants the world to be a better place
Worrying too much on what is and what could be

A tender heart can be a blessing and a curse
Searching for that place between what it can do and what it can't

A tender heart needs compassion and balance
Finding ways to put action to concerns but letting go when no answer is found

A tender heart sows and reap
Always learning to care to a point, then letting go


Shannon said...

You are a good soul Wynn and I admire your caring. I had to wall off my heart to survive childhood intact. I do care deeply for the suffering. For animals and children particularity but i will never be able to trust people completely Stay kind and soft hearted - . the world needs more like you.

WynnSong said...

Thank you Shannon, Iv'e walled up my heart as well. Keeping us both in prayer