Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Simple Man

To be a simple man
One that is humble and patient, kind and generous
A man who sees the world with simple eyes
And a loving heart

A simple man sees the good in others
But reflects all that is negative back to the source
Not letting those who latch on to him, pull him down with anger
Respecting himself first, remaining calm and composed

He shows the world how it should be
Without bias and anger, showing only love and respect
When heated debates arise, he steps back
Knowing no one wins

He shares his views with patience and kindness
And only when there's a reason to show a positive point of view
He waits for that right moment to arise
Never adding to the drama of others

To be a simple man
Not showing his weakness but showing his strength
A man that knows when to say no
But is giving to those in need

A man that will be known by his character
By his grace and kind deeds
A simple man with a purpose
To reach the world through peace

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