Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Dream

We sit quietly in the shadows
Those private places
Where our thoughts run free
Where our emotions are allowed
We Dream

We look into the light
We see the possibilities
Full of hope and full of life
We search for courage and strength
We Dream

We are dreamers
But locked in our corners
Held back by our weakness
Searching for confidence
We Dream

We look at the obstacles
We see the boundaries
We gaze at the mountains ahead
We want to reach out
We Dream

We know the challenges we face
But we hear that voice inside
We must stand up and walk
We must act now
We Must Dream Out Loud

The time has come
To fulfill our destiny
To change our course
To make a stand
To Dream Out Loud


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

LOVE the poem. Absolutely love it.

My Favorite Words:

Beautifully written. I created a wall of poetry in my foyer at home and I'm going to post this there. I know that you won't mind a bit

Happy Early Easter.
I won't see you Sunday. I know that your day will be filled with rememberance of Him and how He has truly blessed those who love and belong to Him.

With Love,

WynnSong said...

Thank you so much China. I'm honored as always.....
Have a Great Easter and Celebration of Life as well.....