Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Complexity of Thought

It drifts
moment to moment
from shallow to deep

Moved by the tide of our emotions
giving us freedom
or turmoil

It pulls us to deep caverns
or drops gently
light as a feather

The mind
the complexity of thought
our thoughts

Sometimes it spins
windmills turning
in variation and speed

Sometimes surrounded by darkness
covered and cold
depleted of life

It can soar like a balloon
high above the landscape
free and uninhibited

Our thought
our mind
our soul

It defines us
setting us free
or holding us back

Reflecting in color
or black and white
or shades of gray

both private and translucent
keeping the scales of balance

The mind
the complexity of thought
our thoughts


Moanerplicity said...

This is a very powerful poem, Wynn. 'The complexity of thought,'indeed. You've covered various degrees w/in the inning workings of thought, through your use of metaphor. The depth this piece approaches is nothing short of profundity.

You are becoming QUITE the poet, my friend.


WynnSong said...

Thanks Lin. You've inspired me to a new side of writing. I appreciate you my Friend.....

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love this...

I was stuck on the stanza of darkness...who I used to be...

...and then, was brought back to reality with SOARING... who I am NOW!

Love this!

Love and peace,

WynnSong said...

Glad it could strike a chord, bringing it back to your present. Thanks as always China...