Tuesday, August 20, 2013


When a big event happens to us
When we've spent so much time and energy getting there
When we come to the conclusion
That finished product, or final performance
When we reach that mountain top
It's so easy to slide deep into the valley

PPD, postpartum depression
And event that seems to hit so many
After so many accomplishments
Mountain tops and life changing events
Some get caught up in the battle and loose
Others regain their composure and move forward

Through out the years, I've hit this place
Finishing a major musical work
A final performance
A task completed
So much time and energy
Dropped, stopped, let go

We all have moments like this
A mother with the birth of a child
A soldier coming back from war
An artist finishing a song, a painting, a dance
So much for so long
Coming to a complete stop

We know there is still more to come
That the task at hand has changed
Been redefined
But sometimes the sudden stop
Spirals us down
To a deep, dark place in our mind

So I offer two songs
"The Motions" and "Blink
To remind us that each day is special
That we must move on to the next level
That the completion of one is the beginning of another
That we can start afresh, climbing up from the valley to a new peak on our journey...

and the Journey Continues.....


Moanerplicity said...

Both your choices are very, Very, VERY emotive selections, Wynn. I can most definitely relate as the two of them speak to a condition I know & have known all too well.

The lyrics to "The Motions" alone feel so close to the heart & the skin & the bone as if I could have written them myself.

Much to *ponder*


WynnSong said...

I understand. I vowed to listen to these two songs a lot in the weeks ahead as a reminder.
I realize PPD usually pertains to women and child birth, but it can easily be felt after other events as well. The songs speak to the need to move ahead. Although a lot off times it's difficult but as I'm realizing, I have much more to do and I can't let a sudden slump get me down.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

thank you.